net-firewall/psad-2.1.5 (finally)

+*psad-2.1.5 (24 Dec 2009)
+  24 Dec 2009; Bryan Stine <> +psad-2.1.5.ebuild:
+  Version bump to 2.1.5. This version now includes SELinux policy which is
+  not yet in the refpol that I know of and will need a sec-policy package.
+  Happy holidays!

While doing the bump and using a binary package from my build host (the first time I’ve bothered to build a psad binpkg honestly), I noticed that the psad.conf used the build host’s hostname.

As such, I’ve filed a bug (no time to fix it right now) for this. What should be happening is that the config file should be updated in pkg_preinst(), not src_install() as it is now. This is historical and did not account for binary packages at the time. It’s a simple fix but I will need to apply it to all of the ebuilds. I’ll also look through openrc’s ebuild (it updates /etc/conf.d/hostname) for a better way to get the hostname. I doubt that relying on the current hostname is the best way.

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