Fun with Froyo

Time for another quick update! Anybody reading this post has probably already noticed the prerelease of our new XDAndroid Froyo system image. Development on the new Froyo system is going very fast and quite smoothly. Certainly, our initial system image is not production quality yet, but we’ve already made great progress on fixing the bugs and restoring features.

Since the prerelease, we’ve managed to get a few features working on parity with our Eclair system (this is what you can look forward to in upcoming prereleases):

  • MicroSD card support is back
  • Bluetooth “works” again
  • ADB is working and we use our rootfs utilities on the shell
  • Countless small fixes

However, there is still a lot that needs work. We have a few notable issues…

  • WiFi still doesn’t work correctly
  • Some Google Apps are broken
  • MP3 playback doesn’t work
  • And many smaller fixes

There is ongoing development in the XDAndroid repositories on gitorious. Developers and advanced users are free to check out the source code via repo, but there is no build documentation yet. Once the Froyo AOSP source tree is relatively stable, we will be adding that information to the XDAndroid wiki.

PS: At the suggestion of IRC regular hamagc, I have created an XDAndroid Paypal account, where we will be accepting donations in the future. Please feel free to donate. Thanks!

XDAndroid’s New IRC Home

The XDAndroid project had been using the #htc-linux channel on the freenode IRC network to collaborate development. Inadvertently, our Android-related discussion there had been stepping on some toes. That channel is used for kernel development and many of the regulars don’t wish to have Android discussion there to deter from lower-level work being completed. To solve this problem, we’ve created our own channel, also on freenode: #xdandroid. For those of you who have visited or frequented #htc-linux with us, please check out the new channel. We’ll be having all XDAndroid IRC discussion on there from now on. It’s just getting started now, but we plan to have some nice features in there to help collaboration. Thanks!

(Note: We’ll have a web-based client available on the wiki soon.)