XDAndroid Shuts Down

That’s right, the XDAndroid system is no more… after you select Power Off from the power menu. With phhusson’s help, we found a magic switch that powers off the device. This is currently not well tested, but has worked for me on a RAPH110 (AT&T Fuze). We’ve had varying reports of success. In one incident, I had the device turn on automatically a couple hours after shutdown, so we still have to look at the shutdown procedure.

(To my followers freaking out about The XDAndroid Project “shutting down”, I sincerely apologize for the title of this post, but it’s too good to pass up.)

In other news, one of the fine folks over at the PPCGeeks forum discovered something interesting regarding battery life on our devices. Apparently some of the Touch Pro2 chargers have a little LED in the transformer block  which indicates a connection to the device. Interestingly, when the poster left the charger plugged into his device and removed it from the power outlet, the LED stayed lit. This suggested that there was power being drawn by the USB port, even when nothing was connected to it.

After a lot of mucking around with debug interfaces (which led to the power down thing from above being discovered), we finally tracked it down to the HTC Headset support (internally named HTC 2 Wire or H2W). After disabling the driver, the port was no longer active. In my internal testing, I found there was likely a small gain in battery life with the port disabled. Unfortunately, it seems like this difference isn’t very big as I was still able to burn through about 40% of the battery (in WinMo measurement) after under 7 hours.

We’re still tinkering with some battery related things, and trying to get a better understanding of what certain parts of the system do. Hopefully we’ll stumble across something useful like we did with the shutdown switch.

Thanks for reading!