XDAndroid Bug Tracker

This is old news for most users by now, but the XDAndroid project now has a bug tracking system. It’s a standard Bugzilla installation, so it will likely be familiar to many users.

This was done to facilitate better bug reporting by our faithful users, of course. However, it also is meant to help developers (me) keep track of what must be done for the next release.

Another nice side effect of the bug tracker is that it makes the developers’ work more transparent. Users can now see progress made on bugs in a more verbose manner (aside from the IRC channel). And for when we get close to a release, they can check up on bugs that are scheduled to be fixed in that release — and possibly help fix them or test their fixes. For instance, users can search for bugs that will be fixed in FRX02. Closer to release, we’ll have a release engineering bug which depends on all of those being fixed (for easier search accessibility).

So if you come across any issues in XDAndroid, check out the tracker. If you don’t see your bug there, open an account (we don’t spam!) and let us know about it. This tracker takes care of both the kernel and the Android filesystem images.

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