XDAndroid 2.2.1 Build FRX02

In case you’ve missed it, the XDAndroid Project today released its newest Froyo series build, FRX02. This is the second of our official releases to have a build number. We’ve got some really nice bug fixes, improvements and features for you this time.

Here’s an abbreviated list of changes since FRX01:

  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • 2 – Talk.apk missing
    • 4 – Buttons cut off in the open call menu.
    • 14 – Startup.txt file is incorrect
    • 20 – OpenWnn IME selected by default
  • Google Apps updated to 20101020.1
  • Transitioned to hdpi graphics and fonts
  • Ambient light sensor and hardware auto brightness for RAPH and RHOD (WisTilt2)
  • Debug output for battery service emergency shutdowns (by request of camro)
  • Data roaming off by default (can be dangerous for international users) (emwe)
  • armv6j instruction support from cyanogenmod

I love the light sensor support that WisTilt2 came up with. Give him lots of thanks (and donations!) for the great work.

Check out the release from your preferred thread on XDA-Developers (I like the official Raphael thread myself) and give us some feedback on IRC or file some bugs! Thanks again for using XDAndroid!

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