What About FRX07?

It’s been a long time since the last release — and for that matter, my last post here. A lot has been going on, both in the XDAndroid Project and in the real lives of developers, which has made posting updates a bit of a low priority.

Users love to know what’s going on, though. Since most of our users frequent the XDA forums, but not our mailing list or IRC channel, it seems to them that there isn’t a whole lot happening with the project. In reality, there’s been a huge amount of progress made by a few contributors, in terms of both fixing bugs and adding features.

Because of that progress, the next iteration in the Froyo series, FRX07, is going to be a major release. One of the main contributors to this release isĀ hyc, who has largely rewritten our RIL, proposed rootfs reforms, improved wifi driver handling, and proposed various other changes so far. hyc has kept the team very busy with testing and implementing merge requests.

Additionally, some work has been done by virus_crazy (on the forums) for bluetooth, including implementation for Rhodium and improvements for other devices. Alex (on #htc-linux) has been doing some work on improving the GPS driver and has a kernel update project using the 2.6.35 codebase.

For technical users, information about all pending changes can be found in the merge requests section on my personal Gitorious page. Go there, look for the third box down in the right-side column, and click on “merge requests” to see the long list of changes submitted by the aforementioned folks.

Thanks to these brave code warriors, the next release of XDAndroid will be huge. And don’t forget, any donations you make will go to our contributors. Thanks!