XDAndroid 2.2.1 Build FRX03

Hello XDAndroid users! Been a while… but we have another release for you! Build FRX03 is now available hot off the grill. We’re changing things up a bit this time around: we have released both a traditional system image, as well as a small OTA update file (as discussed on here previously).

The recommended method is the OTA update.zip. However, for users who don’t have a completely original FRX02 to upgrade from, the system.ext2 file will be necessary.

Here’s a list of changes in the new build:

  • Disable slow background blurring for some dialogs (thanks emwe)
  • Internal improvements to auto-backlight implementation (emwe)
  • Disable JIT by default for various stability improvements
  • Updated gapps package (20101114)
  • Bugs fixed:
    • 19 – Boot loop on first boot (fresh data.img)
    • 36 – Repeated Volume button press crashes the system
    • Possibly 12 – Terminal emulator special keys/digits do not respond

Downloads are available here: system-FRX03.ext2.zip and the OTA update-FRX03.zip.

OTA Update procedure (ONLY for users with the original, unmodified signed FRX02 system image):

  • Download update-FRX03.zip to SD card in the same directory as startup.txt and haret, etc
  • Rename update-FRX03.zip to update.zip
  • Boot haret, watch the updater go
  • After updater finishes, it may either reboot or “freeze” (reboot not implemented on device), reboot manually if it freezes
  • Boot haret again, and the new system will start up

Thanks again for using XDAndroid!

6 thoughts on “XDAndroid 2.2.1 Build FRX03”

  1. Hi
    thanks for this ROM, but still same error,
    when i run Heart.exe it’s make vibrate and hange not run black screen
    how can i fix this
    my mobile is HTC Touch Diamond2, “Original ROM”

  2. Hi toadlife,

    Thanks for the feedback! Do you mind if I ask which device you use, and what you had it set to before, if at all?

    I ask because the Rhodium may perform better and might be more stable with sleep_mode=1.

    Thanks again!

  3. I’m running it on Rhod210 (T-Mobile TP2), and I am using pm.sleep_mode=1. I changed it from 2 to 1 after reading about the various sleep modes. It seems that the change has made a considerable difference in battery life (It’s noon and I’m at 79%, which is comparable to WinMo’s performance), but I’ll need to wait a few days to make sure it’s not a placebo effect.

    One issue I and others have experienced with FRX03 is intermittent cases severe slowness upon bootup. When this happens top shows the “system_server” process taking up 85% of the CPU. The only solution has been to keep rebooting until the problem doesn’t happen. I don’t think this happened with FRX02, but I can’t be sure.

    I have Droid Explorer and adb installed – is there a way I can debug that system_server process when it gets pegged?

  4. The effects you’re seeing from the sleep_mode change are surely not placebo: the application processor is going into deep sleep now where before it was not. In the kernel, the default setting for this is 0, in which we aren’t exactly sure what’s happening (and no official HTC kernel uses 0). Rhodium has some apparent issues waking from deep sleep with 0, but it seems 1 is better.

    The system_server issue is a known problem. One way to debug it, which I haven’t yet gotten around to (sorry!) is to attach strace to it via adb shell. This would hopefully give us a peek into what exactly it’s trying to do.

    Thanks again!

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