XDAndroid 2.2.1 Build FRX03

Hello XDAndroid users! Been a while… but we have another release for you! Build FRX03 is now available hot off the grill. We’re changing things up a bit this time around: we have released both a traditional system image, as well as a small OTA update file (as discussed on here previously).

The recommended method is the OTA update.zip. However, for users who don’t have a completely original FRX02 to upgrade from, the system.ext2 file will be necessary.

Here’s a list of changes in the new build:

  • Disable slow background blurring for some dialogs (thanks emwe)
  • Internal improvements to auto-backlight implementation (emwe)
  • Disable JIT by default for various stability improvements
  • Updated gapps package (20101114)
  • Bugs fixed:
    • 19 – Boot loop on first boot (fresh data.img)
    • 36 – Repeated Volume button press crashes the system
    • Possibly 12 – Terminal emulator special keys/digits do not respond

Downloads are available here: system-FRX03.ext2.zip and the OTA update-FRX03.zip.

OTA Update procedure (ONLY for users with the original, unmodified signed FRX02 system image):

  • Download update-FRX03.zip to SD card in the same directory as startup.txt and haret, etc
  • Rename update-FRX03.zip to update.zip
  • Boot haret, watch the updater go
  • After updater finishes, it may either reboot or “freeze” (reboot not implemented on device), reboot manually if it freezes
  • Boot haret again, and the new system will start up

Thanks again for using XDAndroid!