Dual XDAndroid Releases – FRX06 and new Gingerbread

It’s that time again! And this time we’ve got a release for both froyo and gingerbread.

First of all, our official froyo branch release, FRX06… We’ve got a couple minor changes, backported from Gingerbread:

  • Switched to touch-friendly dialer, along with the VGA layout improvements as seen in Gingerbread
  • Added HSPA icon (for GSM models)

FRX06 is available for download now as a system.ext2 update.

And for Gingerbread, we’ve also got just a couple minor updates:

  • Further tuned keyboard sizing to be useful on VGA (also made the key labels bigger)
  • World-phone settings support (very important for future RIL enhancements especially on CDMA)
  • Enabled HSPA icon (someone on GSM please let me know if it actually works)

The new Gingerbread testing image is also available for download now as a system.ext2 update.

6 thoughts on “Dual XDAndroid Releases – FRX06 and new Gingerbread”

  1. Installed the Gingerbread March 25th ‘system.ext2’; but Android’s system info says it’s the one from March 11th. If I compare the systems.ext2’s sizes of the March11th release with the one from March 25th… then both have exactly the same size; by chance? Is is the same file?

    Anyhow thank you so much for the very good work.


  2. i can second that this may be the gingerbread file from 3-11, as it states this in the build number in “About Phone”. Also there are no GAPPS in this build.

  3. Is the ‘system.ext2’ download link updated? Or where can I download to test the March 25th version?

  4. Expecting a decent gingerbread image. No activity on this after 25 March. Please, I am using this testing image and waiting for a mature build like FRX07. Thanks in advance.

  5. Please don’t “expect”anything. These releases are a lot of work and the development team, particularly for the system images, is a very small group of volunteers with full-time jobs.

    We work on this project when we can, not to meet deadlines. Outside of donations, nobody gets money for their work on this project. I hope you understand this is why we don’t get releases out very often.

  6. Dear, thanks for your reply. But please one thing, is working on this is in progress? I am really excited to have some news or update. Thanks again.

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