XDAndroid Project Mailing List

Due to a request by developers, I’ve started building up mailing list infrastructure for the project. Initially, we will have just one list, xdandroid-dev, to be used exclusively for development discussion. This discussion will include chatter regarding bug fixes, new features, and other proposed changes. The xdandroid-dev mailing list will likely have small, experimental code changes posted (in the form of source patches) and will provide a live look at development, along with the IRC channel.

Technically-abled users are encouraged to join development discussion on this list. Posting to the list is limited to members only, however membership is open and users can register with no administrative approval. If you are interested in observing or joining development discussion, please subscribe to the list. The XDAndroid Project has a big shortage of Android developers and we’re looking for all the help we can get!

PS: There’s still no timetable for Gingerbread. Most of the issues outlined in my previous post on the subject are still valid.