Another Gingerbread Testing Image

Evening everybody. Got another testing image for you.
  • Google apps should all be fixed now (tested with gmail particularly) — we’ve switched javascript engines and are now using V8
  • The accelerometer driver I’ve blogged about is now included in this build
  • Android codebase sync’ed to latest 2.3.3
  • Not included in this build is some preliminary work on GPS. It crashes Android (and freezes my RHOD400) so it’s been removed from the system image.
  • Proper hardware 3D driver provided in this system. Neocore still doesn’t work.
  • Gallery3D added to the build to test a possible fix for rotation issues. I’m mainly interested in results on RAPH.
Thanks again for everybody testing and providing feedback on these releases. This is signed so old data.img from our previous Gingerbread tester release may work. Again, if you have any problems, we suggest clearing out data.img before reporting them.

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